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Supermodel and heiress, Sandra Chase (Marilyn Chambers) quickly learns money can't buy happiness or satisfaction. While starring in her first movie, she finds herself caught in a wild web of sexual encounters with her co-stars. Insatiable also stars legendary John Holmes as Sandra's fantasy lover. Shot on location in rural America and cosmopolitan London, Insatiable will leave you hungry for more..
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Comments on Insatiable

Editor's Review

I'm feeling classical today. There's some undeniable appeal about original features from way back when with single name titles like "Insatiable." So let's dive in and see if Marilyn Chambers can be sated or if her lust knows no bounds!

I'll give it to "Insatiable" they really know how to knock out an intro scene. One steamy masturbation/fantasy scene later and we're introduced to Flo and the famous Sandra Chase, the rich heiress who is about to embark on a rather debauched journey through the world of the entertainment industry.

I love these actresses! None of them make me wonder for a second if they're under the legal age, and they put up pretty good performances in their considerable non sex scenes as well. The sets are super impressive and I even like the costuming, it's so - fitting and normal. Everything is appropriate, no one comes out wearing a extra short skirt and 'fuck me ' pumps even when the movie flashes back to Sandra's first sexual experience (Sandra wears this floor length pink satin number that's totally not your typical porn fare).

There's this moment, while Sandra is zipping along the highway in her convertible and pulls over to pick up a hitchhiker; when Sandra pulls down her sunglasses and gave the erstwhile produce salesman the 'look' that was simply classic. What Sandra does to him in the shade of a few trees is both comic gold and a wonderful blowjob scene. I don't think I've seen anyone suck a cock with that much genuine enthusiasm and skill in a long, long time.

What happened to pornos like this one? "Insatiable" was fun, rich and decadent like its setting and though it had its icky moments they were few and far between among it's glitz, glamour and hot as hell hardcore action. "Insatiable" wasn't just titillating it was fascinating to watch and I kind of hope there's a sequel because now I'm hooked on the life of Sandra Chase and her horny bunch of friends and acquaintances.

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