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Are you a boob man?: I just got back from bra shopping and I would like your opinion on what bra looks best with my outfit today. Your father usually does this as he is quite the boob man. I figure like father like son, am I right? Wow, you’re already getting hard. Why don’t you do something else your father does while he watches me try on bra’s? He plays with his cock. Do you want to play with your cock while you watch? I think this is fun so go ahead, lets have some fun.

I do this because i love you: It's been one month and I am very proud of you for being such a good boy. Not everyone trusts their step mom enough to let her put him in chastity. I do this for your own good because I know those slutty women out there only want to get pregnant from you. Could you imagine trying to go to college and support a woman and baby? Of course not, so this is why I keep your manhood in a cage. Now come close to me so I can unlock this device and you get to blow a huge load for me.

I have to tell you a secret: Your dad thinks I got a job as a night janitor. I really got a job as, well an exotic dancer. I am so nervous I can hardly stand it. I need your opinion. I need you to tell me if I am going to make a complete ass of myself or if I do have some moves to make some money at the club. Now don't say a word to your dad and please don't laugh at me. Ok, here I go! If you happen to get excited while watching me I wouldn't mind if you stroke yourself.

Stepmoms spanking punishment: All I needed was about an hour more of sleep but my stepmother insisted it was time to rise and shine. Oh I did rise, but not the way she wanted me to. What was I supposed to do? She came in my room to wake me dressed only in a clingy t-shirt and tight panties. My step mother is one hot woman and not much older than I. Of course my dick stood straight up in morning wood glory. She did not approve of my erection on her behalf and exclaimed I was to be punished by spanking. I'm eighteen, and way to old for spankings! The only reason I positioned myself over her sexy knees is I was even more turned on at the thought of lying on her naked legs. She is the one who wanted me bare bottomed so what could she expect but a little pre ejac leakage on her behalf. This discovery only disgusted her. She instructed me to lie over her knees again as she administered heavy handed slaps to my ass. I actually think she was enjoying slapping my ass and may have felt some guilt as she offered me milk and cookies instead of going to school today. I have such a huge crush on her. Now I have to think of something else to disappoint her with so I can be punished again, and again.

Is this why you're always late for school?: Oh this is funny I caught you jacking off. No wonder you're always late for school. It looks like you have quite a large cock under that sheet. Mind if I touch it? You have a very big cock. Now don't tell your mom or dad about this. No harm in you and me having some fun before you have to go get your other head filled with all that college class . I can hardly believe how much bigger your cock is than your dads. Consider this playtime an early reward for good grades this term. I know you're going to have good grades right? I mean how could you not when you're clearing your head out every morning through your dick hole. Touching your cock is making my pussy so wet. You had better hurry up and cum for mommie before something starts happening between us that makes you really late for school. Ah, ok now that is done hurry and go while I get your sticky sheets into the wash. We can't leave any evidence of our playtime now can we?

Whatever i say goes: You know I am a mail order bride for your father. Your dad is so pussy whipped it's fabulous. He says I can have anything I desire. Since I am so much younger than your father and closer to your age, I decided I want you. Your father is much too old to satisfy my sexual needs but the way I see it, you are part of the family package. I married him but I want you. He doesn't have to know. This can be our dirty secret.

Put these panties on for me: I had a feeling you were a little girly. There is only one reason you would be rifling through your step sister's underwear drawer, you wish you were a girl. It's o.k. I understand. In fact, I want you to put these pretty lacy panties on and show me how nice they look on you. Next I want you to rub your big clit for mommie. That's it, rub that big swollen clit and show mommie what a good girl you are. I'll even rub my pussy as you rub your big clit and let's cum together.

You won't believe what these tits get for me: I'll bet I can get you to stroke your cock for me if I show you my big tits. Go ahead and put your hand on your dick and start while I slowly remove my clothes for you. Do you like what you see? Would you like to massage your dick with my big soft tits? You can fuck my boob flesh with your big dick. I love how hard you are for me it makes me feel so sexy. I want you to stroke that cock faster and faster until you're ready to give me your cum. Make me feel like a beautiful woman and show me how much cum you have for me on my big tits. Oh yes! That is exactly what I wanted to see from you. Like I told you, my tits get me exactly what I want.

Spying on her in the shower:I heard the shower starting in my mom and dads bathroom and knew my stepmom and I were the only ones home. I had to take advantage of the opportunity of watching her clean herself. I figured if I got caught I would just say my toilet wasn't working and I needed to use hers, I couldn't help it if she was also showering at the same time I needed to relieve myself. I thought I could exit before she squeegeed the glass but she caught me. She said I have some explaining to do. I don't mind whatever punishment comes from my little voyeuristic adventure. I got plenty of visuals for my spank bank later tonight.

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